Your donations in action!

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Huge delivery for Ukraine Territorial Defense Forces. Your support is going directly to the territorial defenders in a meaningful way.

With your help #UniteWithUkraine continues to supply Ukrainian defenders for victory!

βœ… Drone Autel Evo II 640T Enterprise β€” 10

βœ… Diesel generator KS 8102HDE
(EURO II), nominal power 6 kW, voltage
230 V β€” 25

βœ… Ballistic Helmet β€” 100

βœ… Combat Medic Trauma Backpack β€” 116

βœ… IFAK β€” 500

βœ… Disinfectant Alcohol Wipes β€” 2 pallets

βœ… Wet Wipes β€” 8 pallets

βœ… Decompression Needle β€” 150

βœ… Occlusive Chest Seal Dressings β€” 20

βœ… Tegaderm Bandages β€” 500

βœ… Ibuprofen packets β€” 1000

βœ… Thermal Reflective Blanket β€” 10

Married couple fighting for Ukraine

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The world needs to do more to step up and defend Ukraine's democratic right to determine its own future. We know you agree. Please give what you can.