Who Are Unite With Ukraine Donors?

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This is the first article in a new series about you - our amazing donors and stakeholders! We couldn’t do it without you - your generosity is helping to save lives!

Jazz Group Raises Funds for United With Ukraine

One of UWU’s generous donors is Ms. Larysa Rozumna, from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, helped organize independently a small and cozy community fundraiser. Larysa herself is a Canadian of Ukrainian descent who has a younger brother who lives in Kyiv and numerous extended family and cousins in Ukraine. “When war broke out, I felt helpless and angry and compelled to do something to help the besieged people in Ukraine,” says Larysa, She has organized several very successful fundraisers for Ukraine since April, including one that raised a total of  US$ 70,000 (C$ 90,000), of which she donated US$ 11,700 (C$ 15,000)  to UniteWithUkraine.

To solicit even more donations for UWU, Larysa partnered with the Glebop Jazz Trio and and vocalist Betty Ann Bryanton, who performed a lively outdoor jazz mini concert on a warm summer evening. The event raised US$ 1000 (C$ 1300) for UWU. The musicians brought live jazz to Patterson Creek Park in Ottawa, with around 75 people listening to classic jazz standards such as "Georgia on My Mind" and "Fly Me to the Moon”.  Guests were seated on blankets and lawn chairs in the park while the musicians performed on the other side of Linden Terrace in the front yard of residents Allison and Jim Dingle. There was a second concert held July 26th  that collected C$ 1011 (US$ 860).

Our donors in action - garden performance

The Glebop Jazz Trio has been performing for over 20 years and has become a fixture on the Ottawa jazz scene.  They have appeared several times at the Ottawa International Jazz Festival.  They performed monthly at the Arrow and Loon Pub in Fifth Avenue Court for 16 years.  When that was torn down to make way for condos, Glebop started a new monthly engagement at the Glebe Central Pub.  Despite periodic disruptions due to COVID, that engagement will continue again this fall. The group’s name?  The musicians live in Ottawa’s Glebe neighborhood.  “Glebe” + “bebop” = “Glebop.”

Betty Ann Bryanton is a jazz vocalist in Ottawa.  She has performed frequently with Glebop and with her own groups in a variety of settings.  The crowd enjoyed her warm vocal style and friendly interaction with the audience.  She brightened everyone’s evening with her upbeat original composition “Small Joys.” Having found that weekend pub engagements don’t attract a very large audience in the summertime, Glebop decided a few years ago to switch to weekday outdoor performances in the summer and to use these performances to raise money for charities.  For the past two summers, they raised money for the Ottawa Food Bank.  However, their Linden Terrace hostess Allison suggested that, given the Russian atrocities happening in Ukraine, the donations this year should go towards helping  UnitewithUkraine. 

Glebop in the garden




Thank You Larysa Rozumna, Betty Ann Bryanton, The Glebop Jazz Trio and friends for Your Support for UniteWithUkraine!


Married couple fighting for Ukraine

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