What is Territorial Defense Forces of Ukraine?

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Ordinary Ukrainians, civilians, – many of whom have no military training – volunteered by the tens of thousands to take up arms and protect their homeland, when Russia launched a full-scale invasion on 24 February.

Early in this war, the world got to see the heart and determination of the Ukrainian people. Civilians, who joined the Territorial Defence Forces who helped fend off Russians from capturing and destroying Kyiv.

#UniteWithUkraine is helping the volunteers from territorial defence units across Ukraine with much-needed medical supplies, protective equipment, fuel, communications devices, etc.

With your generous support, we are helping them stay alive and safe, in their fight for freedom and democracy.

Join in and support Ukrainian Defenders 

Married couple fighting for Ukraine

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The world needs to do more to step up and defend Ukraine's democratic right to determine its own future. We know you agree. Please give what you can.