Washington Post Highlights the Work of UWU Partner Saint Javelin

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In an article published on September 18th 2022, The Washington Post has highlighted the work that Unite With Ukraine partner, Saint Javelin has been doing since the invasion began.

Saint Javelin has raised over US$ 1 million for the war effort in Ukraine, including US$400,000 for Unite With Ukraine and United 24 for the 'Army of Drones'.

Huge St Javelin logo on side of apartment block

The article describes how Saint Javelin’s founder, Christian Borys started out by selling stickers of a meme that he found online of a Saint carrying a javelin – the protector of Ukraine. Since then, Saint Javelin has grown to produce several different products including t-shirts, hats and flag with various different newly-created ‘Saints’. Every purchase of one of these items goes towards the fundraising effort for Ukraine’s forces and now, with the aim of helping with the rebuilding of Ukraine.

Speaking earlier this year when Saint Javelin announced their partnership with Unite With Ukraine, Christian Borys said, "it was important for us to work with the Ukrainian World Congress and Unite With Ukraine, because they are a credible and well-established organisation, and donating our profits to them for them to procure all of the equipment Ukraine needs is important. They are a trusted partner."

Soldier having photo taken by St Javelin building logo

Saint Javelin now has a physical shop in Toronto as well as an office in Lviv and manufacturers all over Ukraine.

We thank Saint Javelin for all their support and generous donations and congratulate them on all the excellent work they are doing to rebuild our beloved Ukraine.

To buy items from Saint Javelin please visit www.saintjavelin.com.

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