UWC partners with Nova Ukraine and Lviv Volunteer Medical Battalion to deliver 9,000 tourniquets

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9,000 military tourniquets have been deployed to the front lines, thanks to a partnership between the Ukrainian World Congress and Nova Ukraine, a non-profit providing humanitarian aid in the country and the Lviv Volunteer Medical Battalion.

The tourniquets were delivered to the battalion after being procured, sourced and delivered by the UWC and financed by Nova Ukraine, as part of the #UniteWithUkraine campaign. 

“These are the kinds of partnerships that are so critical for the defenders of Ukraine’s freedom and democracy,” UWC President Paul Grod said. “With reports that some battalions in Ukraine are running short of equipment, it’s more important than ever that all partners work together to get our people what they desperately need.”

The UWC was able to get the $200,000 shipment to the battalion quickly, which was then able to disperse it to its team members, providing an important medical resource to those on the front lines. 

"Tactical and trauma medicine have been one of the main focuses for Nova Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion in Ukraine,” co-chairman of Nova Ukraine Ostap Korkuna said. “Civilians and servicemen are injured daily; these 9,000 tourniquets, purchased together with the Ukrainian World Congress, can save 9,000 lives. It's critical to get them to the front lines quickly."

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