Ukrainian World Congress in NYC for UNGA77

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President of the Ukrainian World Congress, Paul Grod, along with a team from UWC was in attendance at the UN General Assembly in New York last week. How to end Russian aggression and show support for Ukraine was of course at the top of the agenda at the UNGA including the Secretary general highlighting the importance of ending the war in his opening speech.

At the UNGA, Paul was interviewed by Politico who wanted to catch up with him since he last spoke to them in Davos. In his conversation with Politico, Paul highlighted that while earlier in the year getting European support was at the top of Ukraine's agenda, that support from Europe is now "pretty rock solid". This means that UWC is extending this push for support from other geographic areas at the UNGA.

Speaking about what the diaspora needs to do in the Middle East, Africa and South America, Paul said that they have a key role to make the soft sell, "helping the region understand that, you know, the Ukrainian people are good people."

Speaking about African countries, Paul said that Moscow has had some success with convincing some African countries that Europe is at fault for things like rising food prices. So the diaspora in former British and French holdings are trying to cast Russia as the imperial oppressor. "Much like they were subjected to colonialism, this what Russia wants for Ukraine," he said.

And finally in Latin America, Ukrainian communities have been in places like Brazil and Argentina for more than 130 years, so they're using those roots to push back against Putin's message that inflation is Ukraine's fault.

The Politico article summarises why all this matters:

"Sure, the weapons and training to ultimately defeat Russia would have to come from the U.S. and Europe, as would the cash for reconstruction. But Grod said these other regions are pivotal. Brazil sits on the U.N. Security Council, and Ecuador will join next year. Developing countries continue to support Russia's economy, as do top Asian players. So the G20 meeting in Indonesia in November is also a top target, where Ukraine's allies hope to cement perceptions of Russia as a "pariah," if not outright eject Moscow from the club.

"It's important for the rest of the world, the Europeans in particular, to understand that we can't create this sort of ‘West versus everyone else' attitude," said Paul Grod.

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