Put the Freeze on Putin's Oligarchs

Russia's richest men have long backed Russian President. The rise of wealth in Russia is most often linked to who you know and Russia's richest have a friend in Putin. The Russian President has likewise depended upon their support.

Now, with Putin's war of aggression in Ukraine, the world is responding by uniting with Ukraine. Economic sanctions that target Russia's wealthy elite put pressure on Putin to stop his war.

Dozens of oligarchs have been target by global sanctions. Now is time to turn up the heat on Russia's richest to convince Putin that war is bad not only for Russia, but for the bottom line.

We the undersigned call upon our governments to freeze the assets of Russia's richest who have a history of supporting President Vladimir Putin. Governments are in place to mount economic sanctions against those who support illegal wars. We call upon our governments to do so immediately.

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