Ukrainian war news


Before the Russian army began its illegal invasion of Ukraine, Christian Borys (CB) decided he wanted to do anything he could to help friends and family back in Ukraine.

He decided to make a few stickers called "Saint Javelin" - a patron Saint protector of Ukraine, carrying a Javelin. 

25 July 2022 - The BBC’s ‘Ukrainecast’ podcast featured a segment from the BBC’s Defence and Security Correspondent, Frank Gardner discussing the launch of the Strategic Advisory Council. They highlighted the importance of the council and what it means to have the retired Military leaders on board: “General Petraeus picks and chooses very carefully what he hitches his wagon to. He has fought so many campaigns. He is probably one of the most outstanding military officers of his generation… he is hugely respected, so he doesn't choose these things lightly. And the fact that he has chosen to do this, to put his name to this, I think is pretty significant.”