Ukrainian war news


Vladimir Putin is committed to a path of death and destruction. The losses which the Russian army has suffered in the past few weeks are significant and his response to this setback shows he will not stop. He is intent on trying to displace and kill thousands more innocent Ukrainians. He is also intent on killing thousands more of his own ill-equipped and ill-trained troops who he is sending to die on the battlefields of an illegal war. These are unacceptable actions which must not be tolerated.

General Wesley Clark, one of the members of the Unite With Ukraine Strategic Advisory Council, was interviewed for The Economist magazine’s podcast. The episode is focused on the news of Ukraine’s remarkable turnaround and the retreat of Russian troops. In only a few days, the Ukrainian army liberated 6,000 square kilometers of territory–more than Russia had seized in the previous five months.

Last month (August 2022), Unite With Ukraine, in partnership with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s United 24 initiative, ran a successful “Army of Drones” fundraising campaign. The campaign, which raised over US$ 500,000  dollars , collected funds to buy 3 different types of military drones.  One of our generous “dronors” was Mr. Taras Jackiw, who donated USD $17,900 (CA$ 24,000) on the behalf of the Ukrainian War Veterans Association (UWVA) of Canada. UWU had a chance to ask Mr. Jackiw more about himself and the UWVA:

Yaryna Chornohuz, 27, is a Ukrainian poetess, volunteer and soldier.  Instead of pursuing a career in philology, Yaryna opted for a marine’s beret. She is on Forbes magazine’s list of "100 Most Influential Women of Ukraine." In a recent social media post, Yaryna shared her reaction to the barbarities discovered in Izyum.

This weekend, September 16 – 18, Bloor West Village Toronto Ukrainian Festival will return for its 26th edition. As the largest Ukrainian Street Festival in North America, the event will celebrate the very best of Ukrainian culture and all are welcomed to join in with the festivities. Come along to discover more about Ukrainian culture in Canada and appreciate the full meaning of Ukrainian hospitality.

The President of the EU, Ursula Von Der Leyen visited Kyiv for the third time this week since the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine began. During her visit she met with a wide range of Ukrainian Government officials including with President Zelenskyy. At the end of her visit she held a joint Press conference with President Zeleneskyy in which she affirmed the EU’s support for Ukraine, saying that supporting Ukraine comes at a high cost, but freedom is "priceless".