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For our Defender’s Diary series, the following is part 1 of a long article published in Novynarnia on November 25 about combat medic Anna Olsen who served in the final days of the siege of Mariupol, was taken prisoner and later released in an exchange.
Part 1 tells the true story of Anna’s service in the Ukrainian military through the night when her unit besieged in Ilych Steel factory realized there were only two choices - try a high-risk breakout or surrender.
Ryzhulya has returned from captivity. Marine combat medic Anna Olsen talks about her time in the battle for Mariupol, russian captivity and release

Dear #UniteWithUkraine Friend,

It’s Giving Tuesday, a chance to reflect on our blessings and think about how to help others. This year, we hope you consider supporting #UniteWithUkraine. Any gesture, small or big, will make a difference to those fighting on Ukraine’s front lines.

Earlier this week, Pope Francis compared the current Russian war on Ukraine to the Holodomor Genocide of 1932 -1933. Most Ukrainians know all too well the horrors of the Holdomor, but for those of you scratching your heads, here’s a quick primer:

Yuliia "Taira" Paievska, 53, is a Ukrainian soldier, paramedic, and volunteer; she is commander of the “Taira’s Angels” unit and of the 61st military mobile hospital evacuation division; a designer in civilian life, she is also president of the “Mutokukai-Ukrayina”Aikido Federation.

An All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) provides individual, all-terrain mobility to deployed military personnel quickly, with flexibility in a myriad of special operations missions.

Missiles rained down on regions and parts of cities including the capital Kyiv, Lviv and Rivne in the west, Kharkiv in the northeast, Kryvyi Rih and Poltava in the centre, Odesa in the south and Zhytomyr in the north.