Kalush Ochestra in Eurovision Final, UWC urges viewers to vote for Ukrainian Victory!

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As the final of the Eurovision song contest approaches, the Ukrainian World Congress is very proud to have supported the amazing Ukrainian rap-folk band Kalush Orchestra who are currently the favourites to win the competition.

Kalush will be competing and performing along with twenty four other entries from Europe in the final round of the song writing competition which takes place tomorrow (Saturday 14.05.22) in Turin, Italy.

The three-member group is favored to win the competition with their catchy song 'Stefania',  which features the line: 'I will always walk to you by broken roads' — a line that has become even more poignant following the months of destruction in Ukraine by Russian forces. Votes are cast by professional juries and viewers from the participating countries.

However, there are real fears that Russia is going to try and interfere with the online voting process after they have already hacked official Italian Government websites such as that of the Italian national health service and the automobile licensing agency. Members of the Eurovision cyber-security team have confirmed that they will be on high alert to prevent any such attack.

President of the UWC Paul Grod said, "As Kalush lead singer Oleh Psiuk said, it is important for Ukraine to have as many victories as possible at the moment and winning Eurovision would be a huge morale boost for the whole country. I am very proud of how far Kalush have come in the competition and I wish them the best of luck in tomorrow's final, Kalush have shown just how creative and exciting Ukrainian culture and music is and I’m so pleased that they have been given this global stage to showcase their talents. I urge all viewers to keep voting for Kalush!"

Details on how and when to vote will be revealed during the show which can be watched here: https://eurovision.tv/story/eurovision-2022-how-to-watch

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