General Petraeus from UWU Strategic Advisory Council is Interviewed by CNN

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In a televised interview with CNN, David Petraeus – former army general and current member of the Unite With Ukraine Strategic Advisory Council – praised the strength of the recent Ukrainian advances stating that "the tide clearly has turned."

Petraeus said that the successes of the brave Ukrainian defenders reflect a “new reality – that Ukraine has been incomparably better than Russia in recruiting, training, equipping, organizing and employing additional forces.”

His conclusion from this was clear – "the outcome just is [no longer] in doubt – Ukraine will prevail."

With the recent discovery of a mass grave of 440 Ukrainians in Izium, Petraeus doesn’t question that the war will be a long and brutal struggle. However, the General supported the idea that Ukraine will eventually reclaim all the territory seized by Russia since 24 February and furthermore, that it is not inconceivable that the Ukrainian forces could retake Crimea and the Donbas. For the Russians this will be a “terrible and painful retreat.”

When asked about potential Russian full mobilization Petraeus replied that it is “too late” and that crossing the nuclear threshold would be “so profound,” especially while Putin tries to maintain his strong grip on power within Russia.

General Petreaus also suggested that this changes the tone on European and US reluctance about Ukraine joining NATO, stating that going forward, “the only credible guarantee [of security from Russia] is NATO membership.”

Finally, he emphasized that Russia is running out of forces, equipment, and crucially, morale, especially now that there is so much Ukrainian insurgency in the fringes of Russian-occupied territories. However, he was clear that Ukraine can only maintain its progress as long as countries in the West continue to provide weapons. With the recent White House announcement of 6 million dollars in security aid for Ukraine, Petraeus said that he is confident that the US would continue this momentum towards victory.

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