Cameras and other specialized optical equipment is delivered to the frontline in Ukraine

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As the defenders of Ukraine continue to thwart Russian attempts at further invasion, a shipment valued at $50,000 of cameras and other specialized optical equipment has been delivered by the #UniteWithUkraine campaign of the Ukrainian World Congress. 

This delivery includes 2 x Pulsar Axion Thermal Cameras which have been delivered on the ground in Ukraine. Another delivery of 3 x Pulsar Axion Thermal Cameras, 3 x Nikon Mirrorless Cameras and lenses and 5 x Other specialized optical equipment, was also made to a separate group of defenders. 

The #UniteWithUkraine campaign aims to raise funds to provide Ukraine’s Territorial Defence Force with vital and lifesaving equipment. This is the third delivery which has been made by the campaign in the two months since the Russian army illegally entered Ukrainian borders.

The campaign will continue to raise funds to provide defenders with further non-lethal equipment that is needed until the war is won. 

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